About Hills Estate Agents

Hills Estate Agents are a newly formed boutique real estate agency, ideally located in Shop 2, 268 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill NSW 2154.

Based in Castle Hill, our office services receives a large number of sales and rental enquiries.

On average we receive 12 to 20 rental walk ins per day. We dont just hand out rental lists, without speaking to the prospective tenants. It is important for us to assess there needs and suitability to our clients properties.

Our purchaser walk ins are only 2 to 5 per week asking us to if we have certain properties for sale? It makes you wonder what kind of a hit and miss approach others agentsmust be adopting with 50 to 100 listings to sell?  We feel agents need to take an active part in promoiting there clients properties, and not a fishing line appraach.

We have 2 property systems

RPDATA and EAC / RED SQUARE, these are the 2 leading systems, we can perform market appraisals, or assessments all over NSW.  EVEN IN YOUR AREA.


We have the 23 leading marketing websites in the country: Realestate.com.au & Domain.com.au. We also have our own website hillsestateagents.com.au which is a bonus.

In addition, we have the ability to create an Exclusive Website for your property, alone. example: www.268oldnorthernroad.com.au  This ensures that when prospective clients view your property they are not distracted by other properties.

The Focus is on your poroperty. Thats is our specialty, we Focus on your property, because thats the job I have been entrusted to do properly. 

EACH PROPERTY OWNER is important to Hills Estate Agents, :

  • We will undertake to maintain a  manageable quantity of similar properties,
  • Ensuring the highest level of service is focused individually on each vendor property.
  • We will fight for the best sales result, everytime. because THATS MY JOB, AND THIS IS MY BUSINESS.....

Our Mission is to promote personalised quality service, in a Friendly Professional manner.

We have a Service Policy / Guarantee; Thats hard to beat!

If you are not satisfied with any part of our service, and it has not been rectified within two weeks of the principal receiving a written notification, (where it is in our ability to rectify the situation without cost), you have the option of terminating the agreement. We don't want unhappy clients (are you happy?).

If you would like a copy of our service Guarantee, email info@hillsestateagents.com.au to receive your copy.

If you are considering selling your property,

  • we recommend that you obtain a copy of "Agency Agreements" for the sale of residential property from the Office of Fair Trading, or eMail  myagent@bigpond.net.au and we will send you a complimentary copy of this guide.     
  • Have you been offered a copy to read before an agent asked you to sign an agency agreement? 

The Agency Agreements guideline sets out "How to" get started, and contains essential reading before you consider placing your home on the property market.

Email our office or you can call us on (02) 8850 1988 for a free no obligation opinion, and there's no hard sell and we won't ask you to waiver your rights under cooling off!


1). Email myagent@bigpond.net.au ask for a copy


3). Call 8850 1988, ask for Anthony to come and perform a market appraisal. Anthony will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding placing your property on the market, in our current property climate.

We only ask for the opportunity.

Our boutique office will ensure that the principal deals with any issue or concern.

Anthony, will take charge exhausting every legal and ethical avenue to "Make it Happen", and "straight talk" any issues regarding the marketing and selling of your Real Estate Property.

    Anthony Rinaudo
T/As Hills Estate Agents

Licensed Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers

Member of the REINSW.

Shop 2, 268 OLd Northern Road,
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Phone:      02 8850 1988
Fax: 02 9899 1777
Mobile: 0409 188 627
eMail: myagent@bigpond.net.au